May 22, 2017

Sookie Sirene - Moth


Seventh post about this cherished Norwegian self-portraiter who goes on and on in her quest for a brave and proud iconography of her body as a visual material. Surely the artist with the greatest number of posts on this blog although it's neither a personal friend or even someone I know except for some mails here and there when I need some high quality pictures. The last post was 9 months ago. I thought I would abstrain posting anything from her for at least one year, but when I saw last week this new series I couldn't refrain myself to ask her for the entire series and to post a selection here. I'm sure you'll agree I'm right. This way that her nudity plays hide and seek with this purple cloth is purely delicious and beautiful. The world is more pleasant with such a person on it. Her site here

May 18, 2017

Santillo - Various works

His complete name is Will Santillo, he's from Totonto and is mainly making porn-chic cliches, not really the central target of this blog, but his series (first pictures) consisting of female models having orgasms while masturbating (or at least such is the commercial argument) is often beautiful, exciting and fascinating. Some images above are shot with male partners and belong to other series but they fit quite well in the mood. The pictures of the Petite mort series have been shot on a 13 years timespan, the reason why they are not too repetitive. They have been gathered in a Taschen book with the same name (here). The photographer's site here and his tumblr there

May 9, 2017

Nadia Lee Cohen - The weird world of...

Nadia Lee Cohen is a young English photographer and video-maker that gained a quick notoriety due to a very distinctive style in which extreme kitsch sophistication overlaps with ugliness and deshumanity. Actually in line with Camille Mariet (previous post) but still more excentric and boarderline in terms of parody. Usually not my favorite approach of photography and not totally consistent with the body fixation of this blog, but there's enough transgression too in the way that female bodies are treated to include it here. Yes, her world is weird and although I'm not sure the underlying message is not far behind her aesthetic preoccupation (the world of fashion would not be so fond of her if she was so subversive and critical toward it), it's interesting enough to be explored. Her site here. You can see many of her videos (quite close to the atmosphere of her pictures, some having provided pictures actually) there

May 5, 2017

Camille Mariet - & Other Delights

For once, I feel like posting the "about" text of this young female photographer's site : "Camille Mariet is an artist based out of Santa Cruz, CA. Taking aesthetic cues from midcentury advertising, pornography, Technicolor film, and 1960’s and 70’s sexploitation cinema, her work surrounds concepts of gender and sexuality and explores the ways in which they intermingle with societal perceptions of and standards for beauty, power, and behavior". I'm not sure this is so clear looking to her images but at least this is the aim of her work. There's a real malaise rising from these apparently old-fashion pictures, surely due to the complete absence of erotic posture of the model (often the photographer herself it seems) and the use of filthy liquid or semi-liquid material, or food incongruous pseudo-erotic situation . The Cindy Sherman influence is undeniable but it's not plagiarism. All in all, a nice visual punch in the face of conformity. Her site here, her tumblr blog there