June 20, 2017

Marc Dubord - Various (2)

Six years since I did a post about this French "photographer" from Lille (or near Lille). It's much too long. I can't say whether the images I post on this one are all recent, but I gathered them here and there over the last months so maybe some will be post-2011, that's what is important. I won't repeat what I wrote in the first post (here). The Saudek's influence is always pregnant but his work is now idiosyncrasic enough to be easily recognisable. There is a real wild and animal sensuality in this weird oversaturated iconography with so many different female (and one male) body shapes and skin textures. Some images are directly evocative of sexual activity but also of some violence. But his styles are varied, as you can see in the last images with this old masters' influence. So, it's a good thing to post again on him while he's among us. His site here

June 18, 2017

C Joe Photo - Art or porn?

Again, I must admit I don't know anythng about this C Joe except what's written on the model Mayhem site here. Reading his bio, I would say he's in his 50's. I would like to find a site where his work is more extendedly explored since here it is rather limited. But I love this series that seem to question the art and porn distinction. The coloured treatment of the images and the positions of the model are a success. Not a lot of pictures to show but quality's here. Hope he'll read this post and tell me more in comments about him. 

June 11, 2017

Dorian Wood - Images

Although Dorian Wood (born in 1975) is not a photographer nor a model but a singer-songwriter and performer, it would be impossible not to include him in this blog since he's completely in the themas of Scoptophilia, providing a strong, enigmatic and idiosyncrasic iconography of the current state of the body, here a fat and androgynous one. But no trace of revendication or victimization (and I must say I appreciate a lot, a little bit like Gyna Bootleg, the creation doesn't need captions and other intellectual, political or social statements to make impact in the minds and on the representations they want to change). From Los Angeles and from Costa-Rican parents, he's singing either in English or in Spanish, his last album being completely in Spanish. I encourage all of you who are not familiar with him to watch his clips, often visually strong (I add some at the bottom of this post). In particular the last one ("Corpulenxia") is stunningly emotional and beautiful. But I'm sure those who are interested will dig the links. Here is his site.

June 9, 2017

Lexoweb - The girl you want to see up your street (2)

Six years ago (in March 2011 exactly) I did a post on this exhibiting woman (Italian I think but there is no much info about her on the web) with a rather hybrid project, more erotic than artistic, not belonging to the (self-called) fembodactivist wave, but in a way not so far from it (a little bit like Sabrina Dacos, that one day I'll write about on Scopto) since it stands proudly as the power of female nudity in very diverse and often weird or incongruous environments (which often makes the savour and the excitation provided by the images). Cos' contrary to the Femen or fembodactivists, lexoweb makes her crude nudity rather invisible to the eyes of the people who are around her. This is the main strength of this project, another being the taboo-breaking insertion of metal dildo in her vulva and vagina in public places, giving reality to the promiscuity of inside flesh with outside world. Of course, her exhibition and fetichism became a way to make cash (her site here to verify, and to subscribe if you are interested) but after all it's a more pleasant way to earn money than most. Last but not least, and the reason I post another series here, it's that the lexoweb one is far ahead, the most viewed post of Scoptophilia. No less than 74,314 views. I don't know whether this one will generate so many but this is rather strange that, although the hardest porn scenes can be reached easily on the web, lexo can excite so much with her rather soft approach of sex. Note that when she's shooting with Naomi (here), the scenes are usually much harder.  Finally, the most intriguing is that the only part of her body that one never sees is her face, always blurred or dissimulated. Probably it's important for her not to be recognized. But this gives to her project an enigmatic dimension. This is more largely a common concern for males and females liking to exhibit and in fear of the consequences of being recognized. This shows how the world is prude and untolerant with nudity. Hope it'll change but with the return of religions in the head of contemporary humans, it's unlikely it will go for the better in the next few years. Below a trailer showing lexoweb in action.


May 29, 2017

John Kayser - Sitting

John Kayser is one of this singular, idiosyncrasic, hidden, fetishist and obsessive artist such as Pierre Molinier in France, that makes art better to love since assumed artists living from their art, publicly proud of what they create and searching for notoriety and financial recognition often give (me) nausea and makes me aggressive in their self-satisfied arrogance. The John Kayser's bio is rather strange. Here what you can read on the Klein & Berst site "John Kayser (1922-2007) was born in North Dakota, but lived most of his life in California. After serving in the military during World War II, he worked for nearly the rest of his life at Northup Aircraft Incorporated, first as an assemblyman, and eventually as a technical illustrator. Kayser made paintings and drawings, but it was in his photographs and 88 mm films that he was able to develop a distinctive visual language and explore his own unique perception of female beauty". Looking at these images, often marked by some delicious amateurism, it's being walked by women and seing them sitted on something and seen from behind that were his 2 main phantasms. Nothing bad with that, each of us has his/her guilty fantasmatic pleasures, and those who have not are probably occupied to make money, business, politics, war or any other dispensable and uninteresting thing. There's a good analysis of his work here. If he wanted to say that there's nothing better that being the face under a woman's bare butt, I may say I rather agree. And if he wanted to say that there's nothing more beautiful that to see a naked woman's butt sitting on something, I'm not far to agree to although I'm not a butt fetishist like he was. All these images were shot in a large timespan (1960 to 1985) but surely with a rather similar material since it's not easy to guess which period they belong to. As you can see, there are books that were drawn from this iconography, so you can share his phantasms if you have similar ones.