February 14, 2018

Shy Annie - BJ

The account is under the name of Shy Annie (weird when you watch the pix, this woman is nothing but shy) but the profile states it is a couple project. Their work is aesthetically sophisticated and we are far from the usual rather indulgent images that are so often used by couples exhibiting. Here the thema is blow job (the title is taken from their flickr album, not mine). The repetition of images with her have his sex in mouth, with this darkness providing a strange tender and kinky atmosphere, is fascinating and deserves to have a post. Their flickr blog here.

PS. Sorry for the scarcity of posts, but I don't find many things exciting enough to take the time to show them here. Maybe I feel a little fatigue after 8 years of activity, all alone, and even if the continuous success of Scoptophilia and the reward I get from some of you encourage me to go on. 

January 18, 2018

Alan Tex - Fetish theatre

Born in 1951, from Belgium, it seems Alan Tex came to photography quite late in his life. It's a good thing, showing that there's no age to offer a rich and innovative iconography. Although it could be said that his visual universe is Jan Saudek meeting Georges Melies, he provides his own version of this fantasy world. Weird as the result is so full of this delicious Belgium surrealistic approach of art that makes their artists much less boring and arrogant than most French. Here and there more about him. Note that I could have chosen to post his black & white works but I preferred his crude and exhuberant colours.